if seeing is believing
then truth should be assured;
but truth, much like beauty, 
is oftentimes obscured

the things that we believe
are in many ways ordained
by that which is desired
or that which is disdained

when avarice leads men
and hate is left to smolder;
lies can become truth
in the eyes of the beholder

Our Dreams Are Born in Poetry

so often 
we are thwarted
by disparity 
the things 
we have believed in
and the things
that we have seen

the dream is not
forgotten in the
fight to find our way,
but the will is 
often weakened
when injustice
rules the day

the heart 
indeed may stutter
when the bloom falls
from the rose;
but our dreams
are born in poetry,
and our lives are
lived in prose

the secret to
a dream come true
is holding tight
to will;
knowing that
what is can change
and dreams
they cannot kill!