Sea Of Regret

sweet serenity escapes
the mind of a woman
trapped in a sea of regret,
tethered to a man of repeated misery

she finds no solace in the sunshine,
it is darkness, her only true friend,
that serves as her lover

the darkness tells her no lies,
offers no false comfort,
only the bitter truth;
her’s is a life without light

originally posted in 2015

Strong Girl

a wildfire burning down
your house of lies,
a tidal wave of emotion
crashing through wasted dreams,
a whirlwind of grit sanding away
the walls of your carefully
constructed hideaway,
she’s a strong girl who
won’t be fucked with,
she’ll level your twisted landscape
and build a life of her own

I Read A Poem Today

I read a poem today,

it had a way, a sway

so strong,

so very strong!

I could see her tired eyes

working to clear

tear after tear

blurring the timekeeper,

that watcher in the night,

that keeps her aware

of all she’s lost,

and how long the night

can truly be;

I read a poem today,

and felt my tears,

and unspoken fears,

knowing someday

she will be me,

or will it be he?

who clears the tears

to find that time

marches ever slowly

through the darkness

of grief


a counterclockwise existence for me
spinning against the fabric of fables
way too old too young
running before walking
death before life

a life in the space-time university
learning goodbye is a hello
falling back, a beginning
experience, the mother of compassion
hate, the bloody birthplace of love
death, a doorway to forever
and time is an illusion!

the beauty discovered
on my continuum is
every step forward
takes me back to
my original design

HomeEc Reject

I’m a strange bird, I know,

a wild goose with an eagle’s heart

and a mourning dove’s cry;

yeah, they tried to ground me

by declaring me a HomeEc Reject,

unfit for Maytag duty,

lacking Frigidaire finesse,

shit, I couldn’t even make a dress;

then again, I didn’t wear dresses –

so there!

watch me fly . . .