Impossible Dreamers

in the darkest of times
they can still see their Star

it has illuminated their
path from first breath

they are drawn inexplicably to
the battlefields of life;
held steadfast by unseen hands

they refuse to stay in the dirt
when life knocks them down

that which tries their faith
inevitably strengthens it

they will shield broken hearts
and hold dying hands -
drawing strength from what
the world calls loss or defeat

setbacks only motivate them

they are unwilling to bow to
the challenges before them

they will never accept the yoke
of terror or inferiority
the world would enslave them with

oh, how we need these
warriors of hope and love -
the impossible dreamers

for they are the ones who know
victory isn’t defined by
circumstance or outcome

victory is believing
you still can and must

victory is never giving up!

5 thoughts on “Impossible Dreamers

    1. Thanks, B. I was only rambling about what that the song brought up in me. It’s the way I have felt about the journey that I’ve been on. I am pretty much an impossible dreamer. I refuse to quit until it’s my time to lie peacefully at rest.

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