I Read A Poem Today

I read a poem today,

it had a way, a sway

so strong,

so very strong!

I could see her tired eyes

working to clear

tear after tear

blurring the timekeeper,

that watcher in the night,

that keeps her aware

of all she’s lost,

and how long the night

can truly be;

I read a poem today,

and felt my tears,

and unspoken fears,

knowing someday

she will be me,

or will it be he?

who clears the tears

to find that time

marches ever slowly

through the darkness

of grief

17 thoughts on “I Read A Poem Today

    1. But it was your words who moved me so, Stella. I forget how truly blessed I have been and how quickly I can be staring at a clock at 2:57, wishing the night would pass. I love you, brave girl.


      1. Tears I hope you never feel that feeling. I keep hoping that will get easier, the missing, the longing, the pain and the anxiety, but at times it’s worse. I love you too beautiful lovely Rita!


  1. Hugs my friend.
    Beautifully penned as always.
    I hope never to feel this loss and KNOW it will happen, at some point…
    thank you for touching my soul.


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