lonely and cold,
the streets she walked
as a hopeful child

face pressed to
storefront windows,
searching for a life
she might one day
make her own

avoid eye contact
they told her,
read the signs,
learn the smell,
need to know who brings light
and who brings hell

same old asphalt beneath
her teenage feet,
nothing had changed,
but she was finally streetwise

13 thoughts on “Streetwise

      1. Probably, but truth is it’s not something that comes easy or that I can just sit down and write. I just can’t. My words are always directly or indirectly related to my life. I do better when I just write like I’ve written in my diary all my life.

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    1. I am humbled by your comments, Sarah. I can only put to paper in a relevant way, the thoughts and memories of my life. I am more an avid reader than writer. I appreciate YOU.

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