Evolution of The Fire

with his bottle of choice,
and drunken voice,

a hateful man hurled his threats,
at little girl heads under little girl beds

a pervasive and corrosive pain,
filled my soul like acid rain;

will I ever be a
child again?

I found my shoes, the ones that fit,
and stood up tall
when he yelled, “Sit!”
what once was acid, now was flame,
not taking his shit,
don’t bear his name,
so fuck him!

then a-tisket, a-tasket,
a tiny creepy casket,
and where were you?

with Walker Blue?
stop the slurring, it’s mine to feel,
to reel,

and deal –
just like before,
when you hit the door,

oh daddy dear, please go away,
and come again another day,
you’ve nothing sober yet to say,
and I’m too goddamned sad
to play

I’m still alive,
and I’ll survive,
but thanks for the fly by

then mangled metal, missing parts,
screaming tires, broken hearts;
damn, the bottle strikes again,
what the fuck? can I not win?

seems all around my mulberry bush,
been monkeys chasing weasels;
fuckers throwing youthful blood
all over my life’s easel

even still, they couldn’t kill,
the fire lit within –
so shake it off, lift the chin,
I might combust

but I’ll fight to win

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