Pretty Poison

a smile that weakens your
defense; tear-stained eyes that
reach out to wrap around
your heart and draw you in

ah, but such pretty poison
drips from those lips
and doomed is the one
who drinks from her well

34 thoughts on “Pretty Poison

      1. Sorry, Tony I wasn’t talking or thinking about lust. I was processing the reality of a woman in my personal life who is beautiful to look at but fucking poison to let into your soul.

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  1. I saw both readings in this poem, loved both.
    I love the artwork too, just find it sad that such a beautiful thing is associated with poison :-/

    Sorry you had to deal with this my friend. Glad you got it out in a poem.

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  2. Rita, I can so relate to this! Beautiful image and imagery. Interesting how often one can be drawn into the mystery of creation and destruction all at once. Love it!

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